Theragem™ – a solution to an Awakening World of Health (2)

Last month we wrote about Theragem™ and promised to follow up with a look at health and wellness from a holistic perspective and tell you how it can help with the million dollar question: what makes us heal?

How has the health care market changed?

Over the last decade interest in CAM therapies has soared whilst a public that has lost patience with invasive surgery and mind-bending and side-effect ridden pharmacology has stimulated the demand for non-invasive therapeutic modalities.  Governments and world health organisations are now listening and complementary medicine is offered within the healthcare system of many countries.

Easy access to research via the World Wide Web has helped viable solutions such as Theragem to become accessible to a discerning public, as well as medical doctors and therapists themselves.

Conversely, long-term clinical data is now available to prove that treating some chronic conditions with modern-day pharmaceuticals may over time create more problems than actually get resolved.

It is over a decade since Professor Bruce Pomerance of the University of Toronto concluded that properly prescribed and correctly taken pharmaceutical drugs were the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.  More recently, Gary Null, PhD announced that the modern conventional American medical system has become the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

Symposia such as the Brussels EU-sponsored scientific symposium “Holistic Applications to Treat Illness” demonstrate that the mainstream scientific world is now adopting integrative, bioenergetics healthcare terminology, even if they still follow the path of chasing symptoms, rather than dealing with root cause, and believe that drugs are the answer to illness prevention.

The reasons behind illness

In a lengthy multimillion-dollar study run by a leading British medical university, it was concluded that in order to cure the common cold, individuals required a stronger immune system.  Why more conventional scientists are not exploring the actual root cause of depressed immune systems remains a mystery, as the possible answers are out there.

Some experts claim the reasons can be found in a diet high in sugar and fat, polluted air, and in not drinking enough water to keep ourselves adequately hydrated.  These may all be contributory factors, although they are missing one crucial and dynamic aspect—how we think!

Now, as many Asian civilisations adopt Western lifestyles, they are developing the same illnesses that have blighted the West since the 1950s and have grown year on year to epidemic proportions.  The reasons may be diverse, ranging from eating American-style burgers and soft drinks several times per week to being subject to the stress induced by a consumer society where what you have is never enough.  The point is that both our external and internal worlds affect us, and they directly influence our immune systems.  Evidence is building that positive thoughts and actions can boost our immune systems whilst negative ones can deplete it.  The bottom line is that humanity is possibly undergoing its most challenging health crisis ever because of stress and emotional and mental negativity, all of which are finally being scientifically linked directly to ‘dis-ease.’

What makes us heal?

The body is not just material, but is energetic as well.  Knowing this, we can employ healing modalities to alter a person’s energetic body and ultaimately their whole state.

In a recent clinical study Professor John Weinman, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College, London, showed that people who have a relaxed personality type heal twice as fast as those who have a stressed personality type.  The ancient ones understood and used this knowledge well when employing techniques such as meditation, chant and tantra to keep mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. A University of Oklahoma study demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between life expectancy and relationships, with the projected life span being shortened for those people who are subjected by loved ones to continual negative words.  It seems words truly can kill.

We need to break this spiral of Western indoctrinated left-brain thinking where negativity, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and dissatisfaction rule.  Instead, let’s re-open our right-brain thinking, which is the gateway to happiness, contentment, creativity, imagination and spirituality.  It was the Lord Buddha that said “The Mind is everything.  What you think you become.”

A firm step in the right direction

Addressing many of these issues with its ability to induce a deep state of relaxation and alter physiology in the body is Theragem.  Sapphire-based Elation therapy removes negative thinking and allows subsequent follow-on sessions to infiltrate body and mind more deeply.

Theragem’s non-invasive nature is one of the features that has helped to grow its popularity amongst medical doctors, therapists and clients.  Clients often have no need to remove clothing and, in addition to the therapy, the gentle, quiet ticking, the lack of contact and relaxing therapy surroundings help to diminish their thoughts of illness and pain.  They usually recline or sit in a position that is comfortable for them as therapy is delivered easily and painlessly.

The deep relaxation induced leads to a general release of stress that triggers a boosting of the immune system and an increased circulation of blood and fluids, nurturing and energizing the deep tissues of the body.   Clarity and concentration levels are often lifted and changes in physiology rejuvenate previously dormant body parts.

What a different story to the client who returns to the doctor for yet another prescription to treat the side effects of the last!

Case studies and testimonials from across the world

Six years of use have brought distributors Medica Health International testimonials from therapists across the globe.  They have used Theragem for a huge array of medical conditions, such as insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, back ache and pain of all kinds, arthritis, rheumatism, MS and many more.

Low back pain and frozen shoulder
Dr Faik Selcen Kuantum Saglik of Turkey reported the complete eradication of his client’s low back pain with six Theragem sessions.  He had also experienced frozen shoulder and the pain of this was virtually eliminated, with movement reported as being 95% better.  His whole morale was much greater and he was able to address work situations with more confidence.

Arthritis and bladder problems
A case of painful arthritis was reported by client-come-therapist Rita Cambridge of Mind n Soul Holistic Therapies in Shrewsbury, UK.   Rita’s client attended with pain in the left leg which disappeared after just one session.  The same client was taking medication for urge urinary incontinence and showed such improvement after three sessions that she was able to stop the medication.

Rita Cambridge herself had Theragem therapy when, at the age of 40, she had suffered from multiple conditions, including advanced osteoporosis and a heart attack.  Her regular Theragem sessions allowed her to recover to such an extent that she purchased a machine herself and used it at her own therapy centre – Mind ‘n’ Soul Holistic Therapies.

Chronic fatigue
A client in Ireland suffering from chronic fatigue was recommended to visit Niamh O’ Brien of therapy centre InSpirit.  After four sessions she found that she was no longer fatigued at the end of the day or on waking up in the morning.  Her energy returned to enable her to do things in the evening after work which she had been unable to do or had had no interest in doing for over two years.

MHIs Theragem website has many stories of success.

A developing future for Theragem

Theragem is currently in further clinical testing at universities in Poland and the United Kingdom to enable therapists to understand and use it for all kinds of disease.  In addition, universities in Cape Town, South Africa, and Tel Aviv, Israel, are in the very early stages of setting up trials. The European partner of a large US blood analysis clinic also is currently running before-and-after Theragem therapy blood studies, with impressive data already accumulated.

As research continues, so does technological development, and models for home or professional use, for male or female needs are available.

What is certain is that Theragem is fulfilling a gap that exists to address real needs and medical health care is changing as fast as you can say ‘information technology’.

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