Breaking Through Global Development Delay

An extraordinary case of positive progression using Theragem came to Medica Healths office last week when Theragem therapist and crystal healer Yawen Chen shared a case of Global Developmental Delay (GDD). A young boy had been diagnosed with GDD, a condition characterized by delays in motor skills, speech, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Causes of GDD often include chromosomal abnormalities, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, metabolic disorders, and even prenatal exposure to toxic substances such as alcohol.

In our current society, this condition is increasingly common, though each child’s development is unique. This particular case involved a 2.5-year-old boy with symptoms including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), poor eye-hand coordination, motor skill impairments, and speech difficulties. His vocabulary was very limited, and he was unable to form complete sentences. He had weak muscle strength and a mostly rigid body. Additionally, he struggled to interact with others, did not respond when his name was called, failed to make eye contact, and suffered from chronic nasal cavity inflammation.

This visit was his second, following the initial one in December last year. After four days of Theragem light therapy combined with Yawen’s specialized crystal knowledge, the severe nasal cavity inflammation had almost disappeared, his hearing had significantly improved, and his eye-hand coordination disorder had nearly vanished. The boy is regularly monitored by the Singapore Children’s Hospital for overall condition and improvement checks. According to his mother, after the last visit, the hospital became curious if she had used any special therapy for her son’s rehabilitation.

The biggest challenges in treating GDD are improving speech abilities and enhancing metabolism. The Theragem treatment included the standard Elation protocol to prepare the body for optimum homeostasis. Simultaneously, the treatment aimed to improve local brain functions, particularly in the impaired language area in the left brain, enhancing fluidity and function.

Furthermore, the treatment optimized the corpus callosum, which facilitates signal transmission between the brain’s hemispheres, as evidenced by the improvement in hand-eye coordination. Most importantly, life for both mother and child has significantly improved, and they are eager to continue the treatment.

This MHI blog was based on feedback from Yawen Chen – Taiwan who started with Theragem a couple of years ago. Yawen combines several crystal healing techniques and is undergoing quite an extraordinary journey herself. She claims to see the energy move and sees the differences in the colour spectrum, showing her where and what type of blockages thus indicating the type of gemcups and settings are giving the fastest and best results.

Anyone who wishes to know which protocols were used and what other treatments were put in place during the sessions, please let us know in the comments.

Immune Booster with Rapid Response and Golden Drink

Autumn this year has already started with its usual abundance of common colds, coughs, and sneezes putting several people off to bed. At the same time the influenza programs and flu shots are being offered via the media and CDC programs prepared as the effects of flu hitting are tried to be kept within reasonable limits.

In the USA alone, the flu jabs advertisements are rampant ranging from almost free with your lottery ticket to every other ad on the tv to get your jab. That even though a wealth of news is being disclosed putting vaccines under heavy scrutiny as they contain unnatural substances undermining the wellness of the physical body. Just recently it came out that numerous top vaccine scientists in New Mexico working for US government on the science of vaccination, do not allow their children to be vaccinated. Just this fact in it self should make us think twice!

Add to that the amount of stress we are all suffering, due to unstable environment on many different levels, insufficient rest, food deprived of its healthy elements, pressure to perform and much more aiding in a physical, emotional and mental unstable health and wellness.

Of course, there are many things we can do in advance to boost our health and well-being with our own fresh preparation of food, supplementation and enough amounts of sunshine and rest. Knowing that since every living cell and being has an electromagnetic field that is reliant on bioelectricity for their metabolic processes which have been mapped by well-known scientists and compiled in the consolidated annotated frequency list – CAFL, using a similar frequency will counteract and this has shown to be highly effective in dissolving the harmful microorganisms.

With Theragem Fusion Light therapy, the impact of relaxing and boosting the immune system within twenty minutes of therapy is quick, easy and very gentle. Together with a specifically developed therapy called ‘Rapid Response’ that addresses all influenza frequencies, this can be added to the range of noninvasive therapy for the weaker part of the population and it only takes an hour and a half to complete.

Best used together with Nine Gem Ayurvedic to kick the intruder out, or the Citrine Gemcup for a deep boosting of the immune system, cleansing and clearing and creating a strong biological terrain where it is easy to dissolve any of potential infiltrators. Add to that an immune booster such as organic Turmeric in the form of Golden Paste / Golden Drink which Theragem encoded can further enhance the crystalline structure, for daily support throughout the winter.

For the recipe of Golden Paste either email us, or google it.

– As always do feel free to send in your comments, feedback, questions and suggestions on treatments. Your experience can just help a fellow therapist and their clients.

RoseQuartz – at the Heart of the Matter

The Healthy Heart Campaign: Theragem with Rose Quartz loving the heart

According to the World Health Organization, in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from heart complaints has risen by 300%, while the world population grew only 40%. That makes heart complaints one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being.
The WHO now has heart disease as one of the leading causes of death, especially in adults as of the age of 45; the numbers are growing opposite other countries with similar levels of quality of life where figures are reducing. Recent studies confirming again that diet often plays a larger role than all other risk factors (low activity, tobacco smoke, alcohol and drug abuse) included, a diet reflected in an unhealthy global food environment. These will lead in their turn to further reduction of quality of life in sleep, stress, emotional and mental wellness levels, let alone letting in possibilities that life can be fun, happy and joyful without pain in any area.
Over the years research has also shown that the manipulation of brain waves with meditation, certain brain wave technologies and therapies do help to reduce stress significantly from daily rush to PTSD, enhance the creativity, repair of injuries (of damaged physical parts), and improve emotional state and (mental) health.

Similar experience has shown that a session with the non-invasive Theragem™ Fusion Light technology standard Elation session draws out tiredness and fatigue allowing for positive change to take place. With improved sleep patterns as of the first session, the undeniable and positive easing into a calmness and restful state of mind allowing for the now responsive body to release hormones, such as serotonins and dopamine, to reduce stress levels, with anxiety dissolving.
Figure 1 see here

Rose Quartz: the heart’s saviour and grace
Shedding a little rosy light on the heart and how it responded to Theragem Crystal Light with specific protocols (a mixture of gems, colour, sound, metals, and frequencies) addressing and dissolving non-invasively allowing more and more people to step with ease and grace into their hearts optimum homeostasis.
The case study of 83-year-old man with an extremely low heart rate variability, almost flatlining, following him on a four-day therapy using Theragem Crystal Light therapy with the basic settings of Elation (Sapphires on 75% intensity on balancing frequency), Spleen (Diamond/Carnelian – Energizing frequency – 50%) followed by Rose Quartz over the heart – Balancing frequency – 100% intensity 20 minutes each day.


The choice for the additional Rose Quartz gemcup was supported by the gentle character that Rose Quartz is known for in traditional healing medicine; a part of the quartz family creating a loving vibration with soft hues of gentle pink colours due to the composition of the clear silicon dioxide, with traces of iron, manganese, or titanium. These trace elements often depleted in diets (even in healthy ones) for a balanced cardiovascular adaptability. Adding to this crystalline structure to open the heart, relieving heart tension, stress, palpitations, and skipped beats, all in all an obvious joyful choice!
Picture 1 showing the before test with HeartQuest – heart rate variability device supported by the man’s stressful physical, emotional, and mental balance demeanour. The heart rate variability testing over the days showed so much improvement that was reflected in his lighter tred, brighter eyes, and rosy cheeks with uplifted mood and energy levels. His biological age improved from 93 to 87, his stress levels reduced with half the effort required to achieve balance, brain activity releasing the sleep walking state, more activity in brain cells, mineral and hormonal ratio more balance less chances of inflammation.
Figure 2 see here

Most importantly, considering his age, the TCM meridian chart revealed the potential emotional cause behind his state, as Lung meridian blockages could be related to previously unfaced, unresolved sadness and grieving. The Chakra map showed his Heart chakra activated from 1% to 19% activity, hence his total bio-terrain could allow this flow of energy to start the rejoicing in life. This became his moment in which he could release ties to his past in a gentle way, allowing him to move forward without the baggage of the past. Of course, to keep the enhanced quality of life more sessions will support his process and progression. Considering that the natural terrain is of a high age with reduced flexibility and rejuvenation of the metabolism of cells, and circulation, this non-invasive light therapeutic support is welcomed as a potential anti- ageing program, as multiple examples have shown through the years.
Project articles – Rose Quartz -Effect on HRV published in Positive Health Magazine Issue January 2018

Easing Depression with Gems in Bright Light

According to the World Health Organization, in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from depression has risen by 300%, while the world population grew only 40%. That makes depression one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now lists suicide as the 10th leading cause of death in America, especially in adults between the age of 45 and 55; the numbers are growing opposite other countries with similar levels of quality of live where figures are reducing.

Over the years research has shown that the manipulation of brain waves with meditation, certain brain wave technologies and therapies do help to reduce stress from daily rush to PTSD, enhance creativity, repair of injuries of damaged brain, and improve (mental) health.

Similar experience has shown that a session with the non-invasive Theragem™ Fusion Light technology standard Elation therapy (Ayurvedic Sapphires on a Balancing frequency for 20 minutes over the crown) time and time again draws out tiredness and fatigue allowing for positive change to take place. With night sleep improving as of the first session, the undeniable and positive easing into a calmness and restful state of mind allows new information to be taken in, stress levels reduce, anxiety disappearing.

Ongoing Theragem therapy sessions in which the whole of the body is addressed, experts and medical feedback have shown that with specific protocols (a mixture of gems, color, frequencies) mental and emotional issues can be easily addressed and dissolved by a skilled therapist in often less than 6 hourly sessions.

This fast responsive result is astonishing which you may find hard to believe, but it does provide the option that applying nature’s medicine is right outside and someone you know could really benefit from Theragem’s Elation therapy.

How Theragem achieves this? One of Theragem’s non-invasive pulsed hertz frequencies send out to create the ‘here and now’ Alpha brain frequencies as that steers our brain and influences almost everything in our bodies. Being within that frequency it is possible to create new neuro pathways in the brain, especially after a deep relaxation. This is derived from a wide variety of disorders that can be traced back to dysfunctional brainwave patterns and it allows for the promise of brain-based performance technologies for self-control to become a reality.

In collaboration with Theragem equipment a selection of Gemcups have been created for different ailments and conditions, to enhance the body’s own healing mechanism for a much faster yet gentler wellness and wellbeing. Gems and crystals have been utilised throughout man’s history for medicinal purposes, as they contain natural mineral elements and have their own electromagnetic frequency that resonates with the human electromagnetic field. The carrier of light and hertz frequency will pass the information on to the human biofield with painless penetration of 23 centimeters into the physical part of the body.

It is with this background of modern technology and ancient wisdom fusing easing depression with specific gems and colors. The hand sorted blend of the Depression Ease gemcup is formulated to help with the symptoms and causes of mild, moderate and clinical depression, resulting in gently uplifting, infusing optimism and renewing spiritual energy.

Surprisingly, or not, it contains Lithium Quartz used in previous years as an anti depressum. Lithium Quartz is part of the large quartz family of gemstones and contains amounts of naturally occurring lithium, which has a natural tranquillizing effect. Meanwhile, energetic experts state lithium quartz emits a deep loving and healing feel. Added to that are Blue Sapphire gems which are considered a master healer, and there is much documentation (Ayurvedic scriptures) that attributes to sapphire being a stone of joy and used to deeply relax the mind, body and spirit. Also added to this mix is a glossy glass like Jet, a black gemstone formed of fossilized wood, which helps to dispel dark, fearful or violent thoughts. The gemstone Apatite gently overcomes blockages and any sense of loss and confusion often associated with depression, whilst Lapis Lazuli gems can help to overcome depression by easing and releasing feelings of low self-esteem and promoting harmony in relationships.

Feedback from a patient with depression:

‘I was always a keen & regular cyclist, but 12 months ago I started to cycle less and less until I totally stopped in August 2012.  At this time I was diagnosed with depression and fatigue by my local doctor and put onto prescribed medication. After 6 months of never quite feeling myself on medication, I discovered Theragem and with only a few therapies I began to feel more like my old self, with more energy and a better outlook on life.

Within 4 weeks of using Theragem, I was able to stop taking the prescribed medication and found myself with more energy, a positive attitude and a desire to get back out on the bike.6 months have now passed and I am back to regularly cycling at least 3-4 times per week. I feel much better about life and I have a much more positive outlook.Before using Theragem, I had always been very skeptical about these types of treatment. Now I am totally converted and can’t praise or recommend Theragem enough.’

Two years later with a handful of sessions this patient has been able to build up his life reestablishing a happy mental platform.

Another patient feedback  promises more additional effects to bring back quality of life:  ‘after I was pessimist, not having joy from life, having obsessions and fears. After the treatment my way of looking on life has changed, I became joyful, a smiling person. I have been coming to Kuantum Sağlık -Turkey for 3,5  months once every week. As a result of these therapies I stopped the medicine of depression that I have been using for 1,5 year. From now on I have some nice desires about my future. This therapy gave me a nice, powerful energy. Just after two sessions eczema on my hands has gone away.’

The results of medical specialists in their clinics by show repeated success rates in the treatment depression. Additionally it is the most loved therapy by the patients due to its gentle non-invasive approach. It is the power of the fusion that allow the body to bring itself back into a harmonious balanced state of optimum homeostasis, truly bringing back health and wellbeing to a client non-invasively.

For medical feedback and inspiration our website displays statements from medical specialists and their patients as they express their well being in their own words. We welcome anyone who wishes to further investigate and report their findings back to us.

This article has been published in Positive Health issue 241

Burns and the Power of Light and Crystals

Burn victims often find themselves in an intense and excruciating amount of pain almost instantly after a burn has taken place, especially for 3rd degree burn victims. However, many people are unaware of how to properly treat the damaged area and in some cases burns become very painful, visual and create unwanted scarring.

When the body is fully functional and healthy, it is able to heal itself much quicker than expected bringing it back to homeostasis. When skin has burned, usually a first point of reference is to cool it down with known methods such as cold water or Aloe Vera. Often this is limited to pain control and for deeper and larger burns medical advice and surgical procedures can be needed. This can result in scarring in many cases, which leads to intense pain lasting for longer periods.

Theragem Clinique

Theragem Clinique

This article introduces the option that there are non-invasive technologies based on ancient wisdom available in the UK market, to facilitate recovery from burns. Many non-invasive therapy options offer a different approach, boosting conventional, alternative and complementary medicine when using them together. Based on the knowledge of ancient medicine fused with present day technology, crystal light therapy devices can prepare the biological terrain of the body for the healing of many conditions. Such wellness devices use light (a well known healing technology of); skin issues, electromagnetic frequencies (similar to the body’s own), precious metals, gems and crystals, colour therapy, Schuman Resonance and when focused directly over the problem area helps towards the quickening in the natural healing process.

Crystals and gemstones are  equally important with bringing the body into the right healing path as different gems can be used for different conditions. For example for burns, a soothing and cooling gem would be used to bring down the heat.  Ancient texts such as the Ayurveda and Arabic scriptures refer to the cooling antiseptic power of Emeralds emitting cold green rays which benefit hot burns, contusions, anorexia, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, cystitis and eczema for example. This can be confirmed by monitoring the patient’s pulse such as a heart rate variability measurement device, thermometers or a blood pressure meter; or even simply seeing the actual heated area turn to normal colours within the 20 minutes session.

Many people often find that surgeries can go wrong and scars can look worse after. Applying wellness devices or receiving a treatment will help during the healing phase and speed up the rejuvenation and regeneration especially when using appropriate suitable essential oils. Many (aroma) therapists have reported back the combination of essential oils with crystal light therapy devices will actually show an impeccable improvement of skin issues and even an heightening in absorption of oils into the physical body. Using Juniper oil on the spleen area while energizing the spleen with a light device, improves the filtering function of the body. For example, light will intensify detoxifying the blood of toxins, flowing richly with oxygen through to the damaged needed areas.

To showcase this speedy and clean recovery that can be made using a combination of crystal and light therapy in conjunction with aroma therapeutic oils, in this case Young living oils.

Picture 1 & 2

Picture 1 & 2

The images shows a calf burned through a garden fire fuelled by petrol and a flame sprayed out causing a third degree burn in necrosis state needing a skin graft, confirmed by medical specialists. The patient only wanted to use an integrative healthcare option as she had seen great results with skin issues before. For the first two days she used a crystal light therapy device with an Emerald Gemcup, on a calming frequency (delta 1.0Hz) on 100 percent intensity, she mentioned being pain free within the hour after she started the session, taking no drugs.

Picture 3 and 4

Picture 3 and 4

To aid the wound healing she applied fresh Aloe Vera from her garden. The days after she followed with one hour Emerald sessions for two weeks which is the second picture set as it shows the change two weeks later. She then applied a blend of essential oils with occasional crystal light therapy sessions, of which the results are visible on the third pictures of two months later; again this is confirmed by medical specialists to be genuine. It is our experience that these remarkable results can be repeated successfully over and over again, especially when sessions are applied directly within 8 to 10 days after the initial infliction.

As for pain which comes in many forms and depths, therapists and medical professionals all over the world use this fusion of ancient healing techniques and present day science to support the body towards wellbeing, targeting the pain areas, all without the use of harmful drugs or toxins. Pain is found to ease off within minutes of treatment, therefore allowing the body to make the right mixture of chemicals and hormones needed in healing, and the feel good factor aids to contribute to this process.

These kinds of therapies are available in the integrative healthcare market and are accessible in many clinics across the UK. Many people choose alternative therapy options, as it’s a safer and a more effective way of healing the symptoms, relieving pain and not just getting your body back to normal but in most cases getting the body to function like never before. Such devices are used worldwide and have treated hundreds of common skin conditions including burns and alleviating pain. Other examples are eczema’s, skin rashes, acne, skin allergies, psoriasis, shingles, lupus and many more.

Article written by Catharina Jansma CEO/Managing Director Medica Health International ltd.

Theragem™ – Modern Innovation using Ancient Wisdom (1)

In this series of two articles we introduce you to an innovative, integrative health care product – Theragem™.  Here, we unveil it’s fundamental standpoint in complimenting the alternative health care market.  Next month, we’ll take a look at health and wellness from a holistic perspective and ask – what makes us heal and how does Theragem™ help?

Since its launch only five years ago, a groundswell of the world’s doctors, health practitioners and therapists have beaten a path to the rooftops to tell the world about new ways of ancient healing – welcome Theragem™.

Centres who’ve witnessed Theragme therapy’s impressive results incude The Hippocrates Health Institute (USA), EU Biotek Clinic (Norway), Oasis Therapy Centre (Switzerland), The Sanctuary of Healing (UK) and the clinic of international author Dr Daniel Penoel (France), alongside considerable support from respected holistic doctors such as Dr Michel Dogna of France who have applauded the product via numerous media platforms.

Theragem’s™ secret is in the way it combines ancient healing tools and techniques with today’s scientific medical knowledge.  Its Fusion Light Technology uses hand-picked crystals, mind and body balancing frequencies, a range of colour filters, precious gold and silver fittings and the all-important full spectrum light that our minds, bodies and spirits constantly need.

Theragem™ – new light through old windows

Quantum therapists know that it is only by addressing all four levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – that successful healing can be achieved.  They have embraced Theragem™ in bringing together the alignment of the conscious mind, the other-than conscious mind and the higher self – places where the seat of many problems reside.

Let’s consider how the five key components of Theragem’s™ system –  crystals, light, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (EMF), colour and precious metals – create its synergistic healing power.

Crystals – gifts from the earth

Research carried out at the Carnegie Institution in Canada demonstrated how our mineral-based bodies resonate with the structures, colours and vibrations of crystals.  They transform or amplify vibrational frequencies on the physical level, positively affecting our emotional and spiritual states.

Transferring crystalline energy using Theragem™ is much more powerful than using gemstones alone.  The standard package of emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond/carnelian gemcups can ease most conditions, with therapists having access to a plethora of additional combinations such as Depression Ease and Digestion Ease.

Light – in us, in Theragem

Light features as one of the most important of the elements in Theragem™. Our bodies emit weak light emissions that play a major role in the regulation of health.  With 100,000 reactions taking place in the cell every second, light and water is essential to keep the body balanced and working.  We typically have 10 million cells dying and another 10 million growing at any time, so this constant change must be supported.

The Harvard Medical School’s scientific studies found that low-level light therapy (LLLT) is of benefit at cellular and tissue levels.  LED (Light Emitting Diodes) provide full-spectrum light and penetrate more deeply and more uniformly than lasers, and yet without the risk of damage to cells or tissue.  This technology was built in to Theragem™ and is recorded as gentle, painless, safe and effective in the USA’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration.

Frequency – we are all just energy

In the 1970s a large amount of clinical research was performed on pulsed electro-magnetic fields (EMF).  It found that the effects of low frequency magnetic fields (LFMF) could create a cascading, healing effect throughout the body – here was the next ingredient for Theragem™.

It is important to remember that our thoughts and feelings have a huge effect on the energy patterns and densities showing up in our bodies.  Theragem™ delivers a range of frequencies that can alter these beneficially: in delta (1.5 Hz) pain is not felt, in theta (3.3 Hz) we experience trance and dreams and profound relaxation, in alpha (8.3 Hz) brain waves are in a meditative relaxed state of consciousness, and beta (16.5 Hz) waves induce high brain activity or can stimulate the body.


Colour is simply light broken down into wavelengths at varying vibrational levels and these can go right to the root cause of a problem and bring about recovery.  Colour can help people to regain their sense of self, finding who they are and what they want to be.

The University of Twente and Dutch electronics giant Philips carried out research at a primary school.  The findings suggested that the use of blue lighting compared to standard glaring strip lighting produced a positive, calming effect on pupils’ behaviour, influencing and improving performance.

The in-built rainbow spectrum colour filters in Theragem™, together with white light, act like a prism.  The colours are absorbed into energy centres or chakras, re-balancing these and linking to the body’s organs or systems.  White noise provides variance which prevents the body from blocking out the frequencies.

“My stress just dropped away”

It’s a common reaction to the Elation Therapy that often begins a session.  The “fusion-pulsing” of two thirty-carat gemcups of Ayurvedic “high energy” sapphires for twenty minutes over the crown of a client’s head using a balancing theta (3.3 Hz) brainwave pattern helps to induce deep relaxation.  This helps the client to unwind and let go of negativity and stress and triggers a boosting of the immune system, blood flow and fluid circulation which nurtures and energises the deeper tissues. The unconscious permission facilitated gives that person, at the very deepest level, the ability to begin their own healing process.

Often Elation Therapy is followed by Spleen Therapy, boosting this ‘workhouse organ’ of the human immune system.  Live blood work on clients showed that after a handful of Theragem™ sessions there was an increase in white blood cell activity, cleaner blood plasma, a reduction in red sticky blood cells and an optimum number of white blood cells.  Acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese medicine reported feeling a harmonisation of the “three pulses”.

Rebalancing the Assemblage Point – the centre of our being

Theragem’s ™ supporters believe that the Assemblage Point correction technique is a long-term key to balance and vitality.  The Assemblage Point is where life force energy enters the human energy vortex.

Correction with Theragem™ helps to remove deep-seated emotional trauma, whilst also connecting a person to their “Higher Self”.  From there they can become much more self-aware and bring about natural healing.

Dr Angela Blaen, Head of the UK-based Assemblage Point Association, states that:
“Theragem™  can re-align the Human Assemblage Point more exquisitely and completely than more traditional methods.”

Theragem™ in therapy practices

There’s no doubt that one-to-one time between practitioner and client provides invaluable insights into the cause of ill health and supports tailoring of therapy.  With Theragem™, this is best done after the initial Elation session when the client can rest alone.  The therapist can tend to other clients or paperwork and then talk to the client during subsequent sessions at the same visit.  Many centres employ assistants who can manage several Theragem™ beds at once, overseen by a Senior Therapist.  The equipment pays for itself within three years with just 2½ hours of therapy per month, and in less than a year at 2 hours a week.

Many therapists combine Theragem™ with their existing practices, enhancing modalities such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology or massage.  They often hold free taster sessions to allow people to feel the difference that even a 20 minute session can provide.

Others use MHI’s Heart Rate Variability Device to measure results – before and after a session.  Light resonance pictures of clients’ physiology show much more blood reaching the organs or diseased area bringing beneficial healing and light.

Theragem™ is here to stay and, as its development continues, it is set to minimise illness and disease for many more people across the world.