In search of the Elusive Core Healing – The Assemblage Point Reconnection

Unlocking the Assemblage Point with the Theragem 

By Maria Krajnak 

A single light flickered in the small hut. It had been another long night in ceremony. My stomach muscles ached from hours of purging all the “emotional yuck” that had resided inside of me for who knows how long. It didn’t matter. All I know is that it was out.

I was fatigued. I felt like I had experienced a thousand lifetimes while sitting on my yoga mat in a small hut in the middle of the Amazon. I could still see some people clutched by Grandmother Ayahuasca – a hallucinogenic plant-medicine brew, used by Amazonian Shamans to cure mental, physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses. It had been five hours since we drank the thick, dark Ayahuasca brew. But I could still hear the quiet sobs, the deep breathing, the sound of the rattle as the Ayahuascaro continued to “cleanse” someone who was gasping for air and writhing in pain.

This was the third night. There were two more nights of healing to go. Was this the only way? Was this the only way to crack myself open and usher in that core healing I knew was there

It was 2007, and I found myself completely dying to my old self in the Peruvian Amazon. I had unknowingly embarked on my own personal journey to discover core healing. What was core healing?  Over the next few years, I would spend my time “deep” in personal work – family constellations, Jungian shadow work therapy, breath work, Andean Shamanism, Kriya yoga, visits to John of God in Brazil and countless other energy work.

For energy practitioners, the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow is getting to a client’s core issue. For most people, core healing is elusive. It’s an ongoing journey of peeling away the “onion layers” of what comprises a human being. It is very rare to come across a tool that directly goes to the core – especially in a 20-minute session. But that is what I discovered in 2011.

At the time, I was acting director of the Oasis Therapy Center at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. We were an island onto ourselves and worked with 50 amazing practitioners who specialized in unique modalities, such as Chi Nei Tsang, hands-on healing, didgeridoo sound healing and Theragem, a fusion light technology utilizing crystals and healing frequencies to bring about homeostasis on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

We brought in Catharina Jansma, the CEO of Medica Health, to train and certify our staff on Theragem. During the three-day training, we learned about the Assemblage Point. I had come across that term while reading the books of Carlos Castaneda’s teachings of Don Juan. The Theragem’s Assemblage Point was to become for me the missing link of core healing.



The Missing Link   

“Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the Assemblage Point.” – Don Juan

The Assemblage Point, in essence, has been the missing link to our core healing. It makes sense that if the Assemblage Point is the seat of our consciousness and acts as the doorway to the filaments of string like information that streams in from the universe, then it is the key to our centeredness as a human being.

 “The Assemblage Point is the central energy portal of our being,” said Theresa Green, former Oasis Therapy Center Supervisor at Hippocrates Health Institute and Theragem Practitioner. “Not just of the body – it is how energy enters and is processed.

Anthropologist, shaman and author Carlos Castaneda was the first to introduce the Assemblage Point through the teachings of his mentor Don Juan Matus, a Yaquis shaman from Mexico. The bizarre, extensive training Castaneda recounts in his many books, introduces the shaman’s blow as one way to dislodge the Assemblage Point.

Scientists started researching the validity of the concept of the Assemblage Point and some believe that it is the epicenter of the physical and energy bodies of the human being. The Assemblage Point is visible with infrared imaging during tests with an electronic galvanometer where energy on the skin was measured, Jansma said. The spot where the human Assemblage Point lies shows 500 percent more energy than the skin directly surrounding it.

The Assemblage Point appears like a luminous ball of energy and is found at the center of the chest. It determines how we perceive and interact with the world. The condition of our physical, emotional and psychological state of being is also determined by the position of our Assemblage Point.  Almost like a radio dial, the Assemblage Point’s position determines what kind of information we take in from the world outside. If it is knocked off center, due to trauma, it can have serious health consequences for an individual, like depression or bipolar disorder, etc.

During Green’s four-year tenure at Hippocrates, she witnessed countless energetic and physical shifts take place on guests just from 20-minute sessions with the Theragem.

“We had such a fertile ground here at Hippocrates because every guest on our Life Transformation program received a Theragem treatment three times,” Green said. “I literally saw thousands of people change within a 20-minute period time from an agitated state to a relaxed and peaceful state.

“People were hurting not just physically but emotionally dealing with difficult issues.  After a session, they would get up from their tables, and their whole demeanor would change. They were relaxed and felt more balanced. For most people, feeling relaxed was a new feeling for them.”

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is in a grid of luminous fibers. It is a vortex that houses not only our own individual awareness, but connects us to the ONE consciousness. By shifting the Assemblage Point, it registers different luminous bands of information and these bands, or strings of information, are constantly streaming from the universe. The position of the Assemblage Point determines our reality. It produces a certain feeling and thinking associated with its location.

In Castaneda’s books about Don Juan, he recounts how his teacher was able to at will to shift his Assemblage Point to different areas of his luminous body and able to morph into an elderly man or animal. But for the ordinary human being, well-being and good health is found in the center position of the chest. But it can shift position due to stress, emotional traumas, violence, giving birth, accidents, as well as drug use (illegal and legal). 

Dr. A. Blaen of the Assemblage Point Association in UK has done extensive research in Assemblage Point and its implications, conducted studies of what symptoms people feel when the Assemblage Point is found in different positions. For example if you are always anxious, stressed or panicked, your Assemblage Point is located by your right collar bone/shoulder area. If you suffer from anger, fatigue or depression, your Assemblage Point is located below your center chest position on the right side of your body. Much of this mapping research shows that the location often forms similarities with depleted energetic and emotional states of organs described as in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Theragem Fusion Light Therapy

Theragem fuses scattered light with pulsed electromagnetic frequencies structured with colors, and the essence of precious gems and crystals to produce it an optimum homeostasis. Electromagnetic energy exists within everything – from our bodies to the Earth itself – and so by pulsing energy at different frequency rates and by combining natural healing frequencies with color, pure metals, light and gemstones, Theragem can effectively increase the health of the body’s cells, organs and glands. It does this at a level that is many times more powerful than using these methods in isolation, providing effective and rapid results.

“Theragem effectively treats the root cause of imbalances in the mind, body and spirit, before moving onto the symptoms,” Jansma said.

At the Tree of Health (Dove Center for Integral Medicine, Redwood Village, Aptos, California), they have been using Theragem for several years and for the past year incorporated Assemblage Point Reconnection.

Corrina McFarlane, Theragem CLT practitioner at Tree of Health, said the Assemblage Point is a phenomenon in our world.

“We are riding this wave, even as we work the edge of the seen and unseen with regard to electromagnetic fields (EMFs),” McFarlane said. “It demands a quality of attention in practice to the unique variabilities of each client. Eric Topol, M.D.​—author of ‘The Patient Will See You Now’— identifies the contemporary locus of power shift from the so-called ‘experts’ to the individual, as the “Gutenberg Moment for Medicine.

At one end of the spectrum a client may have a monumental, utterly tangible ‘shift’ with Assemblage Point Reconnection. On the other hand, the client may seem to ‘feel nothing’.  In both cases clients are encouraged to journal/paying attention to dreams and insights in the proceeding nights and days, to help with seeing the unseen/knowing the unknown, besides having a distinct baseline from which they began.


This kind of client/patient/individual​ approach, that re-empowers and engages them to achieve their own vibrant health will be the medicine of the future, McFarlane added.

“Thus our wits grow ever sharper and we are empowered to chart a bold new course,” she said. “Assemblage Point today is coming into focus, as the color blue once did; heretofore imperceptible, now perceived. We work the edge of consciousness in our practice, in our world, the ‘Wellness Zone’ our touchstone.


As I sat in my chair, taking in deep breaths, I could feel the slight pressure right at my higher heart area. My eyes were closed, yet I could still see Theragem’s light beam target my chest area from 6 feet away.

The “stuckness” I had felt since a devastating Ayahuasca experience I had two years ago in an instance was lifted. I was plucked from the void, where my AP had been slightly dislodged for some time now. All the healing work I had done in the past to clear that (unfamiliar) feeling, was lifted in a moment and the void was lit up like a bright white firecracker illuminating freeness and infinite possibilities. I felt light and free.

My Assemblage Point Reconnections have been life changing. One realization I had was that I can choose to be gentle on myself or hard on myself. Although I greatly revere and appreciate the plant medicines, teachers in their own right, I chose not to burden my body with any more sleepless nights filled with purging a bitter brew. Nor did I want to experience a drastic shift in my Assemblage Point. Whether people realize it or not, when it comes to any healing work, medicine work, spiritual ecstasy, our Assemblage Point is affected by the frequency and intention held by all those involved. Whatever we experience and wherever it takes us, it’s important to remember that there is a natural balanced placement of our Assemblage Point, where we function optimally on all levels. In less than a half an hour, I can receive that elusive core healing with the Assemblage Point Reconnection I knew was always there.

“If anything can change the world it would be the Assemblage Point Reconnection, Green said. “Having our Assemblage Point constantly in balance, would change the world entirely because we wouldn’t look at anything the same.”

Additional note:

The correct position of the Assemblage Point is located in the same area as the heart chakra and RM17 (Shan Zhong on the conception Vessel) however it is not the same. Moving the AP even slightly out of position has shown that visual skin discoloration, itching and swelling can take place that with correcting the AP disappears overnight.


About the author 

maria_krajnakMaria Krajnak is a holistic health coach, former assistant director of Hippocrates Health Institute’s therapy center and a former journalist, who currently writes about alternative health care and collective evolution. She is a Theragem practitioner, lecturer and writer and conducts workshops on expanding the collective consciousness.

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