Breaking Through Global Development Delay

An extraordinary case of positive progression using Theragem came to Medica Healths office last week when Theragem therapist and crystal healer Yawen Chen shared a case of Global Developmental Delay (GDD). A young boy had been diagnosed with GDD, a condition characterized by delays in motor skills, speech, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Causes of GDD often include chromosomal abnormalities, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, metabolic disorders, and even prenatal exposure to toxic substances such as alcohol.

In our current society, this condition is increasingly common, though each child’s development is unique. This particular case involved a 2.5-year-old boy with symptoms including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), poor eye-hand coordination, motor skill impairments, and speech difficulties. His vocabulary was very limited, and he was unable to form complete sentences. He had weak muscle strength and a mostly rigid body. Additionally, he struggled to interact with others, did not respond when his name was called, failed to make eye contact, and suffered from chronic nasal cavity inflammation.

This visit was his second, following the initial one in December last year. After four days of Theragem light therapy combined with Yawen’s specialized crystal knowledge, the severe nasal cavity inflammation had almost disappeared, his hearing had significantly improved, and his eye-hand coordination disorder had nearly vanished. The boy is regularly monitored by the Singapore Children’s Hospital for overall condition and improvement checks. According to his mother, after the last visit, the hospital became curious if she had used any special therapy for her son’s rehabilitation.

The biggest challenges in treating GDD are improving speech abilities and enhancing metabolism. The Theragem treatment included the standard Elation protocol to prepare the body for optimum homeostasis. Simultaneously, the treatment aimed to improve local brain functions, particularly in the impaired language area in the left brain, enhancing fluidity and function.

Furthermore, the treatment optimized the corpus callosum, which facilitates signal transmission between the brain’s hemispheres, as evidenced by the improvement in hand-eye coordination. Most importantly, life for both mother and child has significantly improved, and they are eager to continue the treatment.

This MHI blog was based on feedback from Yawen Chen – Taiwan who started with Theragem a couple of years ago. Yawen combines several crystal healing techniques and is undergoing quite an extraordinary journey herself. She claims to see the energy move and sees the differences in the colour spectrum, showing her where and what type of blockages thus indicating the type of gemcups and settings are giving the fastest and best results.

Anyone who wishes to know which protocols were used and what other treatments were put in place during the sessions, please let us know in the comments.