RoseQuartz – at the Heart of the Matter

The Healthy Heart Campaign: Theragem with Rose Quartz loving the heart

According to the World Health Organization, in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from heart complaints has risen by 300%, while the world population grew only 40%. That makes heart complaints one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being.
The WHO now has heart disease as one of the leading causes of death, especially in adults as of the age of 45; the numbers are growing opposite other countries with similar levels of quality of life where figures are reducing. Recent studies confirming again that diet often plays a larger role than all other risk factors (low activity, tobacco smoke, alcohol and drug abuse) included, a diet reflected in an unhealthy global food environment. These will lead in their turn to further reduction of quality of life in sleep, stress, emotional and mental wellness levels, let alone letting in possibilities that life can be fun, happy and joyful without pain in any area.
Over the years research has also shown that the manipulation of brain waves with meditation, certain brain wave technologies and therapies do help to reduce stress significantly from daily rush to PTSD, enhance the creativity, repair of injuries (of damaged physical parts), and improve emotional state and (mental) health.

Similar experience has shown that a session with the non-invasive Theragem™ Fusion Light technology standard Elation session draws out tiredness and fatigue allowing for positive change to take place. With improved sleep patterns as of the first session, the undeniable and positive easing into a calmness and restful state of mind allowing for the now responsive body to release hormones, such as serotonins and dopamine, to reduce stress levels, with anxiety dissolving.
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Rose Quartz: the heart’s saviour and grace
Shedding a little rosy light on the heart and how it responded to Theragem Crystal Light with specific protocols (a mixture of gems, colour, sound, metals, and frequencies) addressing and dissolving non-invasively allowing more and more people to step with ease and grace into their hearts optimum homeostasis.
The case study of 83-year-old man with an extremely low heart rate variability, almost flatlining, following him on a four-day therapy using Theragem Crystal Light therapy with the basic settings of Elation (Sapphires on 75% intensity on balancing frequency), Spleen (Diamond/Carnelian – Energizing frequency – 50%) followed by Rose Quartz over the heart – Balancing frequency – 100% intensity 20 minutes each day.


The choice for the additional Rose Quartz gemcup was supported by the gentle character that Rose Quartz is known for in traditional healing medicine; a part of the quartz family creating a loving vibration with soft hues of gentle pink colours due to the composition of the clear silicon dioxide, with traces of iron, manganese, or titanium. These trace elements often depleted in diets (even in healthy ones) for a balanced cardiovascular adaptability. Adding to this crystalline structure to open the heart, relieving heart tension, stress, palpitations, and skipped beats, all in all an obvious joyful choice!
Picture 1 showing the before test with HeartQuest – heart rate variability device supported by the man’s stressful physical, emotional, and mental balance demeanour. The heart rate variability testing over the days showed so much improvement that was reflected in his lighter tred, brighter eyes, and rosy cheeks with uplifted mood and energy levels. His biological age improved from 93 to 87, his stress levels reduced with half the effort required to achieve balance, brain activity releasing the sleep walking state, more activity in brain cells, mineral and hormonal ratio more balance less chances of inflammation.
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Most importantly, considering his age, the TCM meridian chart revealed the potential emotional cause behind his state, as Lung meridian blockages could be related to previously unfaced, unresolved sadness and grieving. The Chakra map showed his Heart chakra activated from 1% to 19% activity, hence his total bio-terrain could allow this flow of energy to start the rejoicing in life. This became his moment in which he could release ties to his past in a gentle way, allowing him to move forward without the baggage of the past. Of course, to keep the enhanced quality of life more sessions will support his process and progression. Considering that the natural terrain is of a high age with reduced flexibility and rejuvenation of the metabolism of cells, and circulation, this non-invasive light therapeutic support is welcomed as a potential anti- ageing program, as multiple examples have shown through the years.
Project articles – Rose Quartz -Effect on HRV published in Positive Health Magazine Issue January 2018