Easing Depression with Gems in Bright Light

According to the World Health Organization, in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from depression has risen by 300%, while the world population grew only 40%. That makes depression one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being.

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now lists suicide as the 10th leading cause of death in America, especially in adults between the age of 45 and 55; the numbers are growing opposite other countries with similar levels of quality of live where figures are reducing.

Over the years research has shown that the manipulation of brain waves with meditation, certain brain wave technologies and therapies do help to reduce stress from daily rush to PTSD, enhance creativity, repair of injuries of damaged brain, and improve (mental) health.

Similar experience has shown that a session with the non-invasive Theragem™ Fusion Light technology standard Elation therapy (Ayurvedic Sapphires on a Balancing frequency for 20 minutes over the crown) time and time again draws out tiredness and fatigue allowing for positive change to take place. With night sleep improving as of the first session, the undeniable and positive easing into a calmness and restful state of mind allows new information to be taken in, stress levels reduce, anxiety disappearing.

Ongoing Theragem therapy sessions in which the whole of the body is addressed, experts and medical feedback have shown that with specific protocols (a mixture of gems, color, frequencies) mental and emotional issues can be easily addressed and dissolved by a skilled therapist in often less than 6 hourly sessions.

This fast responsive result is astonishing which you may find hard to believe, but it does provide the option that applying nature’s medicine is right outside and someone you know could really benefit from Theragem’s Elation therapy.

How Theragem achieves this? One of Theragem’s non-invasive pulsed hertz frequencies send out to create the ‘here and now’ Alpha brain frequencies as that steers our brain and influences almost everything in our bodies. Being within that frequency it is possible to create new neuro pathways in the brain, especially after a deep relaxation. This is derived from a wide variety of disorders that can be traced back to dysfunctional brainwave patterns and it allows for the promise of brain-based performance technologies for self-control to become a reality.

In collaboration with Theragem equipment a selection of Gemcups have been created for different ailments and conditions, to enhance the body’s own healing mechanism for a much faster yet gentler wellness and wellbeing. Gems and crystals have been utilised throughout man’s history for medicinal purposes, as they contain natural mineral elements and have their own electromagnetic frequency that resonates with the human electromagnetic field. The carrier of light and hertz frequency will pass the information on to the human biofield with painless penetration of 23 centimeters into the physical part of the body.

It is with this background of modern technology and ancient wisdom fusing easing depression with specific gems and colors. The hand sorted blend of the Depression Ease gemcup is formulated to help with the symptoms and causes of mild, moderate and clinical depression, resulting in gently uplifting, infusing optimism and renewing spiritual energy.

Surprisingly, or not, it contains Lithium Quartz used in previous years as an anti depressum. Lithium Quartz is part of the large quartz family of gemstones and contains amounts of naturally occurring lithium, which has a natural tranquillizing effect. Meanwhile, energetic experts state lithium quartz emits a deep loving and healing feel. Added to that are Blue Sapphire gems which are considered a master healer, and there is much documentation (Ayurvedic scriptures) that attributes to sapphire being a stone of joy and used to deeply relax the mind, body and spirit. Also added to this mix is a glossy glass like Jet, a black gemstone formed of fossilized wood, which helps to dispel dark, fearful or violent thoughts. The gemstone Apatite gently overcomes blockages and any sense of loss and confusion often associated with depression, whilst Lapis Lazuli gems can help to overcome depression by easing and releasing feelings of low self-esteem and promoting harmony in relationships.

Feedback from a patient with depression:

‘I was always a keen & regular cyclist, but 12 months ago I started to cycle less and less until I totally stopped in August 2012.  At this time I was diagnosed with depression and fatigue by my local doctor and put onto prescribed medication. After 6 months of never quite feeling myself on medication, I discovered Theragem and with only a few therapies I began to feel more like my old self, with more energy and a better outlook on life.

Within 4 weeks of using Theragem, I was able to stop taking the prescribed medication and found myself with more energy, a positive attitude and a desire to get back out on the bike.6 months have now passed and I am back to regularly cycling at least 3-4 times per week. I feel much better about life and I have a much more positive outlook.Before using Theragem, I had always been very skeptical about these types of treatment. Now I am totally converted and can’t praise or recommend Theragem enough.’

Two years later with a handful of sessions this patient has been able to build up his life reestablishing a happy mental platform.

Another patient feedback  promises more additional effects to bring back quality of life:  ‘after I was pessimist, not having joy from life, having obsessions and fears. After the treatment my way of looking on life has changed, I became joyful, a smiling person. I have been coming to Kuantum Sağlık -Turkey for 3,5  months once every week. As a result of these therapies I stopped the medicine of depression that I have been using for 1,5 year. From now on I have some nice desires about my future. This therapy gave me a nice, powerful energy. Just after two sessions eczema on my hands has gone away.’

The results of medical specialists in their clinics by show repeated success rates in the treatment depression. Additionally it is the most loved therapy by the patients due to its gentle non-invasive approach. It is the power of the fusion that allow the body to bring itself back into a harmonious balanced state of optimum homeostasis, truly bringing back health and wellbeing to a client non-invasively.

For medical feedback and inspiration our website displays statements from medical specialists and their patients as they express their well being in their own words. We welcome anyone who wishes to further investigate and report their findings back to us.

This article has been published in Positive Health issue 241