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    Hi all,

    I have been asked the following from a colleague who is using Theragem and would appreciate if anyone has any advice or recommendations for treating with Theragem.

    “I have a patient, female, age 57, she has suffered various pain in lower back/hip regularly for the last 18 months.
    In March this year, diagnosed with cervical cancer, invasive squamous cell carcinoma with focal lympovascular invasion.
    Chemo has started:
    First 15/03/17 (every 3 weeks).
    Second 5/04/17
    Third 26/04/17

    Please can you advise how Theragem can help? I have MFG and normal Theragem program.”

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    I want to jump in and at least say just begin! Begin with foundationals and go from there. I have a client with cervical cancer who is heading into surgery but what the Theragem did for her in one session was pinpoint a huge weight/angst she had carried for 8 years (8 years!!) around not having been there for her 103 year old grandmother when she passed. Under the lights, this client had a cathartic release. She’s in her 70’s and has that ‘old school’ mentality of suppressing tears. Hence she was frantically apologizing as the sobbing began “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry, I tried not to cry but I can’t stop it.” To which I replied, please don’t be sorry for tears, they move energy and change consciousness. She wrote me the following day “..I deeply appreciate the opportunity to clear.. I felt like a different person for hours after the session, with more energy than I’ve had in a long time. I feel so much more confident about the path ahead, whatever it may be.”

    I do know, from my own journey more than a decade ago now (fibroid tumor the size of a six month fetus), that our ‘story’ is an integral component no matter what. As Caroline Myss, medical intuitive, puts it “Your biology is your biography, your biography is your biology”. My own medical intuitive told me at the outset (threatened hysterectomy) that I should journal and publish to speak to this critical aspect. FYI, I did self-publish those writings [Guest At The Mouth of the Womb; A Fibroid Fable, available on Amazon].

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