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    I have had a request from a colleague for possible treatment as detailed below.
    Any suggested treatment is greatly appreciated.

    “I’ve a neighbour who has asked me if I can do anything for Eczema (or could be dermatitis she’s going to doctor). The NHS website states that Ecema is also know as dermitits.

    I think her skin condition is stress related.

    She is under a lot of pressure with her daughter splitting from her partner and she now needs to look after her grand daughter more than normal to help out and she is very worried about them.

    Its mainly her face and arms that flare up and are very red and blotchy and she is really embarrassed about people seeing her like that.

    The Theragem User Guide doesn’t really make it very clear what protocol to use and says that “some of these diseases may require protocols to address the associated malfunctioning organ or gland rather than a direct targeting of the skin.

    Have you treated people successfully with skin conditions and if so could you let me know the protocol and the approximate number of sessions improve skin conditions.

    My thoughts were

    Elation with Amethyst at 75% Crown to relax and help with stress Spleen D&C 100% Energising

    Then either Emerald on Calming or Emerald and Sapphire(if the condition is painful)

    Any help and advice would be very much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

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    After discussing the details with a friend, the following procedure for treating was advised.

    Instead of Elation with Amethyst, use SAPPHIRE over the crown at 75%, to relax and help with stress. Treat the spleen with Diamond & Carnelian, however start this at 50% on energising.
    see below my question!

    As you have suggested, using either Emerald on Calming or Emerald and Sapphire(if the condition is painful) would be good.
    After four sessions, follow up with an Assemblage Point reconnection, using Diamond & Carnelian on 100% energising.

    The question we would have was where do you think the Assemblage Point has moved, looking at the map?

    We hope this helped with your query and we look forward to seeing your responses.

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