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    I have a a 64 year old lady enquiring if there is any Theragem treatment I can do to help her with hot flushes.
    I currently do Elation therapy and treat her with the Viofor.
    She has about 5 hot flushes per day and also gets additional hot flushes if she gets embarrassed. To help the discomfort she tries to keep herself cool.
    Have any of you had any success with the Theragem in treating this condition and if so could you advise me of:
    1) the protocol for each treatment session and
    2) approx number of sessions required to see an improvement


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    The best suggestion would be after four Elation & Spleen sessions, to follow with the Assemblage Point Recconnection, although with the Lady’s system already being overactive, instead of using Diamond & Carnelian, use Sapphire and Moonstone on Balancing.

    You could also recommend one a day Evening Primrose Oil and Star Flower Oil, to help build up the hormone balance on an internal level.

    The Lady’s personal use of the Theragem LadyGem would also help and provide immediate results on the spot. Using this daily would calm the whole hormonal system resulting in less hot flushes.

    Hope this helps.

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