Theragem™ – Modern Innovation using Ancient Wisdom (pt.1)

In this series of two articles we introduce you to an innovative, integrative health care product – Theragem™.  Here, we unveil it’s fundamental standpoint in complimenting the alternative health care market.  Next month, we’ll take a look at health and wellness from a holistic perspective and ask – what makes us heal and how does Theragem™ help?

Since its launch only five years ago, a groundswell of the world’s doctors, health practitioners and therapists have beaten a path to the rooftops to tell the world about new ways of ancient healing – welcome Theragem™.

Centres who’ve witnessed Theragme therapy’s impressive results incude The Hippocrates Health Institute (USA), EU Biotek Clinic (Norway), Oasis Therapy Centre (Switzerland), The Sanctuary of Healing (UK) and the clinic of international author Dr Daniel Penoel (France), alongside considerable support from respected holistic doctors such as Dr Michel Dogna of France who have applauded the product via numerous media platforms.

Theragem’s™ secret is in the way it combines ancient healing tools and techniques with today’s scientific medical knowledge.  Its Fusion Light Technology uses hand-picked crystals, mind and body balancing frequencies, a range of colour filters, precious gold and silver fittings and the all-important full spectrum light that our minds, bodies and spirits constantly need.

Theragem™ – new light through old windows

Quantum therapists know that it is only by addressing all four levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – that successful healing can be achieved.  They have embraced Theragem™ in bringing together the alignment of the conscious mind, the other-than conscious mind and the higher self – places where the seat of many problems reside.

Let’s consider how the five key components of Theragem’s™ system –  crystals, light, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (EMF), colour and precious metals – create its synergistic healing power.

Crystals – gifts from the earth

Research carried out at the Carnegie Institution in Canada demonstrated how our mineral-based bodies resonate with the structures, colours and vibrations of crystals.  They transform or amplify vibrational frequencies on the physical level, positively affecting our emotional and spiritual states.

Transferring crystalline energy using Theragem™ is much more powerful than using gemstones alone.  The standard package of emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond/carnelian gemcups can ease most conditions, with therapists having access to a plethora of additional combinations such as Depression Ease and Digestion Ease.

Light – in us, in Theragem

Light features as one of the most important of the elements in Theragem™. Our bodies emit weak light emissions that play a major role in the regulation of health.  With 100,000 reactions taking place in the cell every second, light and water is essential to keep the body balanced and working.  We typically have 10 million cells dying and another 10 million growing at any time, so this constant change must be supported.

The Harvard Medical School’s scientific studies found that low-level light therapy (LLLT) is of benefit at cellular and tissue levels.  LED (Light Emitting Diodes) provide full-spectrum light and penetrate more deeply and more uniformly than lasers, and yet without the risk of damage to cells or tissue.  This technology was built in to Theragem™ and is recorded as gentle, painless, safe and effective in the USA’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration.

Frequency – we are all just energy

In the 1970s a large amount of clinical research was performed on pulsed electro-magnetic fields (EMF).  It found that the effects of low frequency magnetic fields (LFMF) could create a cascading, healing effect throughout the body – here was the next ingredient for Theragem™.

It is important to remember that our thoughts and feelings have a huge effect on the energy patterns and densities showing up in our bodies.  Theragem™ delivers a range of frequencies that can alter these beneficially: in delta (1.5 Hz) pain is not felt, in theta (3.3 Hz) we experience trance and dreams and profound relaxation, in alpha (8.3 Hz) brain waves are in a meditative relaxed state of consciousness, and beta (16.5 Hz) waves induce high brain activity or can stimulate the body.


Colour is simply light broken down into wavelengths at varying vibrational levels and these can go right to the root cause of a problem and bring about recovery.  Colour can help people to regain their sense of self, finding who they are and what they want to be.

The University of Twente and Dutch electronics giant Philips carried out research at a primary school.  The findings suggested that the use of blue lighting compared to standard glaring strip lighting produced a positive, calming effect on pupils’ behaviour, influencing and improving performance.

The in-built rainbow spectrum colour filters in Theragem™, together with white light, act like a prism.  The colours are absorbed into energy centres or chakras, re-balancing these and linking to the body’s organs or systems.  White noise provides variance which prevents the body from blocking out the frequencies.

“My stress just dropped away”

It’s a common reaction to the Elation Therapy that often begins a session.  The “fusion-pulsing” of two thirty-carat gemcups of Ayurvedic “high energy” sapphires for twenty minutes over the crown of a client’s head using a balancing theta (3.3 Hz) brainwave pattern helps to induce deep relaxation.  This helps the client to unwind and let go of negativity and stress and triggers a boosting of the immune system, blood flow and fluid circulation which nurtures and energises the deeper tissues. The unconscious permission facilitated gives that person, at the very deepest level, the ability to begin their own healing process.

Often Elation Therapy is followed by Spleen Therapy, boosting this ‘workhouse organ’ of the human immune system.  Live blood work on clients showed that after a handful of Theragem™ sessions there was an increase in white blood cell activity, cleaner blood plasma, a reduction in red sticky blood cells and an optimum number of white blood cells.  Acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese medicine reported feeling a harmonisation of the “three pulses”.

Rebalancing the Assemblage Point – the centre of our being

Theragem’s ™ supporters believe that the Assemblage Point correction technique is a long-term key to balance and vitality.  The Assemblage Point is where life force energy enters the human energy vortex.

Correction with Theragem™ helps to remove deep-seated emotional trauma, whilst also connecting a person to their “Higher Self”.  From there they can become much more self-aware and bring about natural healing.

Dr Angela Blaen, Head of the UK-based Assemblage Point Association, states that:
“Theragem™  can re-align the Human Assemblage Point more exquisitely and completely than more traditional methods.”

Theragem™ in therapy practices

There’s no doubt that one-to-one time between practitioner and client provides invaluable insights into the cause of ill health and supports tailoring of therapy.  With Theragem™, this is best done after the initial Elation session when the client can rest alone.  The therapist can tend to other clients or paperwork and then talk to the client during subsequent sessions at the same visit.  Many centres employ assistants who can manage several Theragem™ beds at once, overseen by a Senior Therapist.  The equipment pays for itself within three years with just 2½ hours of therapy per month, and in less than a year at 2 hours a week.

Many therapists combine Theragem™ with their existing practices, enhancing modalities such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology or massage.  They often hold free taster sessions to allow people to feel the difference that even a 20 minute session can provide.

Others use MHI’s Heart Rate Variability Device to measure results – before and after a session.  Light resonance pictures of clients’ physiology show much more blood reaching the organs or diseased area bringing beneficial healing and light.

Theragem™ is here to stay and, as its development continues, it is set to minimise illness and disease for many more people across the world.

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