In search of the elusive core healing

Unlocking the Assemblage Point with the Theragem 

By Maria Krajnak 

A single light flickered in the small hut. It had been another long night in ceremony. My stomach muscles ached from hours of purging all the “emotional yuck” that had resided inside of me for who knows how long. It didn’t matter. All I know is that it was out.

I was fatigued. I felt like I had experienced a thousand lifetimes while sitting on my yoga mat in a small hut in the middle of the Amazon. I could still see some people clutched by Grandmother Ayahuasca – a hallucinogenic plant-medicine brew, used by Amazonian Shamans to cure mental, physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses. It had been five hours since we drank the thick, dark Ayahuasca brew. But I could still hear the quiet sobs, the deep breathing, the sound of the rattle as the Ayahuascaro continued to “cleanse” someone who was gasping for air and writhing in pain.

This was the third night. There were two more nights of healing to go. Was this the only way? Was this the only way to crack myself open and usher in that core healing I knew was there… … …

More to come …

About the author 

maria_krajnakMaria Krajnak is a holistic health coach, former assistant director of Hippocrates Health Institute’s therapy center and a former journalist, who currently writes about alternative health care and collective evolution. She is a Theragem practitioner, lecturer and writer and conducts workshops on expanding the collective consciousness.

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