Infected skin graft

 “Interesting thing, one of my friends on the trip has had a growth cut out of his cranium and had a skin graft, probably done about 2 months back. Anyway this wound was looking decidedly nasty, infected and inflamed. I had taken the Clinique with me so proceeded to treat him with Elation, then Emerald on the wound and then Diamond and Carnelian from an angle. There was an immediate improvement visible the next day and I did this protocol over 3 days. I met him again on Friday evening, a week later, and could not believe the improvement, you could hardly see there had been surgery.”

South Africa, 2015.

Burns and the Power of Light and Crystals

Burn victims often find themselves in an intense and excruciating amount of pain almost instantly after a burn has taken place, especially for 3rd degree burn victims. However, many people are unaware of how to properly treat the damaged area and in some cases burns become very painful, visual and create unwanted scarring.

When the body is fully functional and healthy, it is able to heal itself much quicker than expected bringing it back to homeostasis. When skin has burned, usually a first point of reference is to cool it down with known methods such as cold water or Aloe Vera. Often this is limited to pain control and for deeper and larger burns medical advice and surgical procedures can be needed. This can result in scarring in many cases, which leads to intense pain lasting for longer periods.

Theragem Clinique

Theragem Clinique

This article introduces the option that there are non-invasive technologies based on ancient wisdom available in the UK market, to facilitate recovery from burns. Many non-invasive therapy options offer a different approach, boosting conventional, alternative and complementary medicine when using them together. Based on the knowledge of ancient medicine fused with present day technology, crystal light therapy devices can prepare the biological terrain of the body for the healing of many conditions. Such wellness devices use light (a well known healing technology of); skin issues, electromagnetic frequencies (similar to the body’s own), precious metals, gems and crystals, colour therapy, Schuman Resonance and when focused directly over the problem area helps towards the quickening in the natural healing process.

Crystals and gemstones are  equally important with bringing the body into the right healing path as different gems can be used for different conditions. For example for burns, a soothing and cooling gem would be used to bring down the heat.  Ancient texts such as the Ayurveda and Arabic scriptures refer to the cooling antiseptic power of Emeralds emitting cold green rays which benefit hot burns, contusions, anorexia, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, cystitis and eczema for example. This can be confirmed by monitoring the patient’s pulse such as a heart rate variability measurement device, thermometers or a blood pressure meter; or even simply seeing the actual heated area turn to normal colours within the 20 minutes session.

Many people often find that surgeries can go wrong and scars can look worse after. Applying wellness devices or receiving a treatment will help during the healing phase and speed up the rejuvenation and regeneration especially when using appropriate suitable essential oils. Many (aroma) therapists have reported back the combination of essential oils with crystal light therapy devices will actually show an impeccable improvement of skin issues and even an heightening in absorption of oils into the physical body. Using Juniper oil on the spleen area while energizing the spleen with a light device, improves the filtering function of the body. For example, light will intensify detoxifying the blood of toxins, flowing richly with oxygen through to the damaged needed areas.

To showcase this speedy and clean recovery that can be made using a combination of crystal and light therapy in conjunction with aroma therapeutic oils, in this case Young living oils.

Picture 1 & 2

Picture 1 & 2

The images shows a calf burned through a garden fire fuelled by petrol and a flame sprayed out causing a third degree burn in necrosis state needing a skin graft, confirmed by medical specialists. The patient only wanted to use an integrative healthcare option as she had seen great results with skin issues before. For the first two days she used a crystal light therapy device with an Emerald Gemcup, on a calming frequency (delta 1.0Hz) on 100 percent intensity, she mentioned being pain free within the hour after she started the session, taking no drugs.

Picture 3 and 4

Picture 3 and 4

To aid the wound healing she applied fresh Aloe Vera from her garden. The days after she followed with one hour Emerald sessions for two weeks which is the second picture set as it shows the change two weeks later. She then applied a blend of essential oils with occasional crystal light therapy sessions, of which the results are visible on the third pictures of two months later; again this is confirmed by medical specialists to be genuine. It is our experience that these remarkable results can be repeated successfully over and over again, especially when sessions are applied directly within 8 to 10 days after the initial infliction.

As for pain which comes in many forms and depths, therapists and medical professionals all over the world use this fusion of ancient healing techniques and present day science to support the body towards wellbeing, targeting the pain areas, all without the use of harmful drugs or toxins. Pain is found to ease off within minutes of treatment, therefore allowing the body to make the right mixture of chemicals and hormones needed in healing, and the feel good factor aids to contribute to this process.

These kinds of therapies are available in the integrative healthcare market and are accessible in many clinics across the UK. Many people choose alternative therapy options, as it’s a safer and a more effective way of healing the symptoms, relieving pain and not just getting your body back to normal but in most cases getting the body to function like never before. Such devices are used worldwide and have treated hundreds of common skin conditions including burns and alleviating pain. Other examples are eczema’s, skin rashes, acne, skin allergies, psoriasis, shingles, lupus and many more.

Article written by Catharina Jansma CEO/Managing Director Medica Health International ltd.