RoseQuartz – at the heart of the matter

The Healthy Heart Campaign: Theragem with Rose Quartz loving the heart According to the World Health Organization, in the past 20 years the number of people suffering from heart complaints has risen by 300%, while the world population grew only 40%. That makes heart complaints one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being. The WHO now has heart disease … Continue reading

In search of the elusive core healing

Unlocking the Assemblage Point with the Theragem  By Maria Krajnak  A single light flickered in the small hut. It had been another long night in ceremony. My stomach muscles ached from hours of purging all the “emotional yuck” that had resided inside of me for who knows how long. It didn’t matter. All I know is that it was out. … Continue reading

Theragem™ – a solution to an awakening world of health (pt.2)

Last month we wrote about Theragem™ and promised to follow up with a look at health and wellness from a holistic perspective and tell you how it can help with the million dollar question: what makes us heal? How has the health care market changed? Over the last decade interest in CAM therapies has soared whilst a public that has … Continue reading

Burns and the Power of Light and Crystals

Burn victims often find themselves in an intense and excruciating amount of pain almost instantly after a burn has taken place, especially for 3rd degree burn victims. However, many people are unaware of how to properly treat the damaged area and in some cases burns become very painful, visual and create unwanted scarring. When the body is fully functional and … Continue reading

Theragem™ – Modern Innovation using Ancient Wisdom (pt.1)

In this series of two articles we introduce you to an innovative, integrative health care product – Theragem™.  Here, we unveil it’s fundamental standpoint in complimenting the alternative health care market.  Next month, we’ll take a look at health and wellness from a holistic perspective and ask – what makes us heal and how does Theragem™ help? Since its launch … Continue reading